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Malleus Welcome to the Master of Magic© Heroes Page! This site is devoted to one of the most overlooked - yet most important - aspects in Master of Magic©:


This site details all of the heroes available in Master of Magic© and explains how their unique features will help you win the game!
Fang Warrax
Ravashak Zaldron

A note from Darkschneider...

Hello All, first of all I want to state that most of the material you will find in this site is not mine, it is from a mythological guy named "rearls". He runned the site years ago, but about in the year 2000 his great site on heroes disappeared.

So on a rainy day, with a lot of work, I recovered it from

The idea is to make it easily accessible and linkable, improving it aestethically without changeing the contents and maybe adding any missing stuff. Also I will try to make the site w3c compilant... indeed, even if well coded, the paradigm just changed, and the site need some revamp



Got a comment or suggestion? I'd like to hear from you! Feel free to mail me your ideas.


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